About Us

From the latest British Army MTP PCS uniform and kit to the some of the best value European and American military surplus, alongside brand new products from some of the best known manufacturers, we supply uniform, equipment, bags, footwear, tactical gear, hats, badges, rank slides, at Firestorm Kit we seek to be the one and only place for you, the consumer, to be the best place for the best kit at the best prices!

All other enquiries please e-mail and they can be attended to within 24 hours

Please note we are on holiday from 10th June 2019 until 10th July 2019, all orders will be actioned on return

We provide a wide variety of products in a wide variety of brands and types, shapes and sizes; we provide a massive range of gear used by the British Armed Forces from the classic Soldier 95 Woodland and Desert DPM and now the updated MTP aka Multi-Terrain Pattern.

Alongside genuine British Army MTP is a wide selection of products in Crye Multicam, the mother of the MTP design itself, which compliments each other perfect, in a range of clothing, footwear, bags, pouches, tactical equipment, rucksack covers, ponchos, and the list is growing all the time, so check back regularly for the latest in genuine MTP and Multicam products!

Our products are sourced not only for their value for money but also for their practicality, from the burning sands of Africa to the chilly/moderate Scottish highlands, the rough and bumpy hills of the Brecon Beacons and to the freezing Arctic tundra, British Army kit has been designed to be smashed about in every possible climate imaginable, so not only are you getting great value kit for great prices you also getting the same stuff that is good enough for a soldier!