First Aid Accessories

First Aid Accessories
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British Army PLCE Medical Bergen Rucksack, Woodland DPM -60%
The Medical Bergen is generally an issued item only to Combat Medical Technicians and features a zip..
£149.99 £59.99
5 in 1 First-Aid Emergency Multi Bandage -13%
A more speciialied Multi-Bandage Dressing, contains a blood absorption pad as well as a built in tor..
£14.99 £12.99
Anti-Tick Pick First Aid Kit -31%
Anti-Tick Kit has a specialist but very important use for people working or training in areas o..
£12.99 £8.99
A Professional kit that helps save lives!  This should be in every first aid kit for use during..
A complete kit for the immediate treatment and prevention of blisters; feet, hands or even sore bott..
Lightweight Casualty Evacuation Carry Sheet -25%
A lightweight and compact carry sheet designed for emergency personnel evacuation, an ideal replacem..
£79.99 £59.99
Lightweight Emergency First Aid Kit -22%
A versatile and lightweight first aid kit. Compact and ideal for emergencies! Contents: Accident ..
£17.99 £13.99
Military Team Combat Medic First Aid Kit -27%
A useful DPM pouch with zip closure that when opened reveals a number of pouches. Contains a vari..
£36.99 £26.99
Lightweight malleable and waterproof splint, versatile and flexible, used to immobilise and support ..
General issue to British Forces and also used by NATO. Large dressings sealed in a robust flexibl..
NATO Lifesaver 1 First Aid Kit (Basic) -24%
The Lifesaver #1 is a large pocket size kit for day trips, ideal for keeping in the field on day ope..
£16.99 £12.99
NATO Lifesaver 2 First Aid Kit (Intermediate) -39%
The Lifesaver #2 intermediate kit is for longer journeys and larger groups of people, this set is a ..
£32.99 £19.99
NATO Lifesaver 3 First Aid Kit (Advanced) -22%
The Lifesaver #3 advanced kit, which can be used as the basis for an expedition medical kit, this ki..
£36.99 £28.99
Relitape Zinc Oxide Tape -33%
Zinc oxide tape is a rigid, adhesive tape used to strap joints such as the ankle, knee, shoulder, or..
£5.99 £3.99