Survival Kits

Survival Kits
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Emergency rations are often carried by soldiers especially frontline Infantry or Special Forces duri..
A genuine NATO survival fishing kit, fishing can provide a plentiful source of nutrious food with a ..
Mini Mess Box -22%
A super lightweight, airtight aluminum tin with locking roller clasps. It features a rubber seal ..
£8.99 £6.99
A compact, pocket sized survival kit with all the bare necessities. Ideal for those who only need..
NATO Combat Survival Kit -26%
Standard issue survival kits issued to the British Armed, Royal Marines, RAF and Navy, all you need ..
£22.99 £16.99
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Ideal for storage in a compact area for those who may find themselves seperated from their main equi..
This survival system is supplied in a Woodland belt pouch. Ideal for Webbing Kits or stored in your ..
Standard issue to British Armed Forces Specialist Units including Snipers, Recce Units, Royal Marine..
NATO Ultimate Survival Kit -22%
Packed into our lightweight mini mess tin with a rubber waterproof seal and roll over clasps for eve..
£36.99 £28.99
Mk4 Air Crew Survival Pack -38%
Successfully used in the Gulf and standard issue inside Royal Air Force ejection seats. This high sp..
£89.99 £55.99
One of BCB's most recent developments, the BCB SF Survival Kit, was designed for use by Special and ..