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Designed to be inserted into assault packs, patrol packs, rucksacks etc as a 3rd party accessory to ..
The standard issue British Army MTP basha is used as a shelter in the field and on operations, as st..
This MTP PLCE Assault Side Pocket will go in place as a viable alternative of another PLCE side pouc..
£36.99 £24.99
A waterproof cover to fit a large sized rucksack, will fit over a British Army issued bergen with si..
Great high energy slow release glucose sweets for use in an emergency, great for storing in your jac..
MTP Roll Matt Sack, will easy pack and keep your issued sleeping matt waterproof as well as MTP &..
This NBC Poncho Roll Holder has been made in the UK by our MOD Approved supplier with 1000 Denier ge..
Genuine British Army issued surplus Lightweight thermal and self inflating sleeping mat It com..
£49.99 £29.99
An ideal mat for backpacking, trekking and travelling where minimum weight and space are crucial r..
£36.99 £24.99
This new foldable sleeping mat fits inside your rucksack It combines durability and non absorbent..
£39.99 £18.99