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British Army MTP Combat Shorts -50%
Current issue MTP Combat Shorts, as issued to British Forces in Multi Terrain Pattern Brand new c..
£19.99 £9.99
These are British Army MTP Waterproof MVP Trousers and form part of the new British Army Personal Cl..
The latest issue PCS Combat Trousers, similar to the 5 pocket 95' pattern but with improvements, the..
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British Army MTP S95 Soldier 95' Combat Trousers -67%
These are from first generation of MTP back when Soldier 95 DPM was about and MTP was on limited iss..
£74.99 £24.99
Genuine issue Soldier 95 Desert DPM Trousers, as issued by the British Army. The Desert DPM Soldi..
Genuine issue Soldier 95 Woodland DPM Trousers, as issued by the British Army,. The Soldier 95' t..
British Army Woodland DPM Soldier 95' Combat Trousers -33%
Genuine British Army Woodland DPM GoreTex/MVP waterproof trousers. Please select size required fr..
£29.99 £19.99
British Olive Green Lightweight Trousers -30%
As worn by the British Army, the classic 4-pocket polycotton Olive Green Lightweight Trousers Spe..
£26.99 £18.99
M/84 Danish Army trousers 3 tone camo; olive green, light green and black to better match the colour..
Heavyweight Tactical Combat BDU 6 Pocket Trousers, Olive Green -32%
Heavyweight Tactical Combat BDU 6 Pocket Trousers,  Our best selling trousers - pre-shrunk 1..
£24.99 £16.99
MOD Police Soldier 95 Style Combat Trousers, Black -33%
MOD Police Soldier 95 pattern Combat Trousers trousers, as used by MOD Police aand also popular with..
£29.99 £19.99
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