Gas Masks

Here we have a growing selection of military issued Gas Masks and Respirators from UK, NATO and other countries, all mainly come from surplus and most are brand new with unbroken seals and filters!

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Czech Military M10 Gas Mask Kit. These are complete gas mask kits, with sealed never used filters. E..
The Polish MC-1 Gas Mask is an authentic piece of Polish military surplus equipment. Each gas ma..
The Swiss SM-67 Gas Mask is a full-featured gas mask from Switzerland. These gas masks are made ..
The M9 series Field Protective Masks are some of the most successful gas masks to be used by..
These OM14 gas masks were once the standard-issue masks that were originally designed for and us..
The MP4 gas mask is a Polish army issued gas mask. Based on the successful US M17, the MP4 u..