British Terrain Pattern

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Holdalls are great for the rapid transportation of kit, also knowsn as "Operational Travel Bags" or ..
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These kind of systems are used by troops all over Iraq and Afghanistan to stay hydrated with inconve..
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A British Terrain Pattern Airborne system with MOLLE pouches over a MOLLE belt and PLCE yoke, a comp..

For quick and smooth operational support sometimes just the essentials are needed, this small pack c..

The Northern Ireland patrol pack: a  textbook design for patrolling. MTP compatible and complia..
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The massive basha can also be used as a battlefield stretcher for casualty removal and has large gra..

The core requirement of the Infantry Bergen is that it can comfortably hold loads of kit and be able..
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The British Army PLCE is the current tactical webbing system of the British Army, it comes as a 6 pi..

A comfortable 170 gram 100% Cotton pre-shrunk t-shirt with seamless collar taped neck and shoulders,..
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A waterproof cover to fit a large sized rucksack, will fit over a British Army issued bergen with si..

A small capacity bag for when you don’t need a particularly large carrying capacity but desire to ha..

This is a great carrying capacity rucksack for operations over an extended period of time such as a ..
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An MTP-pattern compatible lightweight and easily compressed down lightweight sleeping bag complete w..
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This is quite simply, the Ultimate Patrol pack, with a carriage capacity of 60 litres and 7 separate..
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This is the new Tactical Soft Shell Jacket which has been very well received by military personnel; ..
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A waterproof poncho, can be used as a basha, shelter, raincoat, rucksack cover, tent, casualty carri..
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