Woodland DPM

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Woodland DPM Rucksacks in issued condition with side pouches, one of the best issued pieces of kit a..

British Army DPM Assault Vest as used on operations as occurred in Afghan, Iraq, Bosnia etc Alway..

These are the smocks that were  issued to members of the British Parachute Regiment! Imagine th..

These smocks remain popular with collectors and recon snipers as well some seeking the more all look..

These are original issue large capacity rucksacks aka "Bergen's" as referred to in the Armed Forces ..
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Excellent for tabbing and keeping yourself rehydrated and refreshed during those long yomps, tabs, h..
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Genuine issued British Army Mk6/Mk6a ballistic helmet with Woodland DPM helmet cover featuring elast..

A massive Bivi  bag Goretex/MVP Sleeping Bag Cover which is large enough to fit a soldier and h..

Genuine issue British Army Combat body armour cover in Woodland DPM, as used by British forces on op..

These are the general issue Kevlar flak vest covers used by the British Army to provide protection o..

The current issue design is constructed from Gore-Tex MVP three layer laminated material incorporati..
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These are limited issue Bergen's known as "Field Pack Air Support" and come with an even higher ..

The British Army Other Arms PLCE Bergen Rucksack is a a super design that are a good size approx. 70..
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1 pair of Genuine British Army Issue Woodland DPM 10 litre side pouchs with a yoke for making a 10/2..
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1 Pair of Genuine British Army Issue Woodland DPM 10 litre side pouches These are also commonly u..

British Army Soldier 95 Windproof Combat Smocks in various sizes, complete with hood in Woodland DPM..
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Complete sets of British Army Woodland DPM Infantry PLCE S95 webbing! Carry all you need to survi..

The standard issue Woodland DPM yoke for use in conjunction with the PLCE 10 litre pouchs The mat..
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