British Army PLCE Chest Webbing, Woodland DPM

British Army PLCE Chest Webbing, Woodland DPM
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The traditional and highly popular DPM Chest Rig of the British Army in Woodland DPM, synomonous with the drivers of the British Army and mechanized infantry who fought from within the confines of an APC.

These DPM Chest Rigs are ideal for operating in urban environments such as FIBUA and CQB and allow easy access to your ammunition with the 3 Ammo pouches at the front allowing the storage of 3 magazines per pouch.

There is also one utility sized pouch on the left and right of the rig itself as well as a document holder ideal for the storage of notepads, map cases, range cards etc

Wide shoulder straps for comfort.

Compatible with issued PRR aka Personal Role Radio pouches.

Infra Red Reflectivity aka IRR

IRR protection, what’s this for? It’s what happens when someone is looking at you through a night-sight, thus if your equipment has the applicable-coating your signature will be reduced to that of foliage.

What’s the meaning of signature and what’s it all about? It’s basically about heat shielding when the relevance of IRR comes into it’s own, naturally your skin and body heat emit a signature that will show up through night sights due to be the solar reflectance on exterior surfaces like your skin and equipment which is near your skin compared to foliage which is dead and emits nothing on the scale.

If your kit has no IRR coating, you might as well be a walking glow stick, and thus that’s going to make you an easier target for any opposing force, especially snipers, marksman and you might as well be illuminating the whole of your section.

Think about it, in a real life situation would you really want to make yourself an easier target? Because that’s exactly what you would be doing, especially if you were wearing a non-IRR Bergen when tabbing and patrolling, you might as well be shouting loudly or waving a flag which says “I’m right here!”

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