Lightweight Casualty Evacuation Carry Sheet

-25% Lightweight Casualty Evacuation Carry Sheet
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A lightweight and compact carry sheet designed for emergency personnel evacuation, an ideal replacement for the standard hammock that may be used in an emergency by Infantry soldiers, ideal for carriage by the team medic.

Can fit in a standard PLCE Utility or Waterbottle pouch.


  • Carried via six large, wrap-around hand loops.
  • Alternatively, carry using poles that can be fed through wide support channels (see blue arrows).
  • Features wide carry straps for comfort when handling.
  • Compact - fits in a PLCE water pouch
  • 6 x wrap around hand loops
  • Measurements: 37cm x 29cm (14.62" x 11.4")
  • Weight: 525g (18.5oz)
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