NATO Black 58' Water Bottle & Mug

NATO Black 58' Water Bottle & Mug
Brand: NATO
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This is a black NATO plastic 950ml (32 oz) capacity bottle and 500 ml (1pint) capacity mug, which easily pack into an issued utility pouch or water bottle pouch

The bottle will also pack into our fantastic BCB Crusader cooking mugs which we also retail, double up as a cooking pot and mess tin as well as a mug

CBRN compatible with the current General Service Respirator of the British Army as well as the previous S-10 Respirator which was issued, when used with the appropriate CBRN screw top lid (not supplied).

The complete set will pack into each other and easily fit into the issued water bottle pouches and other utility pouches.


  • Issue (58 pattern) size
  • Heavy duty material
  • Plastic cup with handle
  • Screw top closure
  • Dry weight: 227g (8oz)
  • NSN: 8465-99-9736665
Condition Grade 1
NSN 8465-99-9736665
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