2-Tone Camo Cream Split Stick, Black/White, Arctic Winter

-43% 2-Tone Camo Cream Split Stick, Black/White, Arctic Winter
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A convenient BLACK/WHITE two-tone cam stick that creates pattern disrupting stripes quickly and effectively without the need for a mirror. 

Our camo creams confer to stringent NATO requirements including being Infra-Red Reflective, waterproof resistant, high sun protection factor, easy to apply and to remove, they won’t react to sensitive skin, they do come in standard issue palettes as well as being more specialised in 3-tone or 5-tone depending on the environment.

Our camo creams are NATO issue with the requirements of the issued properties, our camo creams as well as being genuine British Army and NATO issue have the following qualities:


  • Easy to apply and easy to remove with simply mild soap or our wet wipes
  • Waterproof resistant
  • High sun protection factor
  • IRR aka Infrared Red Reflective
  • Won’t react with sensitive skin
  • Standard issue to UK and most NATO force
  • Available in 2 tone-sticks, traditional 3-tone and 5-tone boxes
  • Newer and advanced pallets of more MTP and MultiCam friendly tones of 5 colour+
  • Available in shades/tones for woodland, jungle, arctic and desert.

It depends on the environment you’re going out into isn’t it; it’s always nice to keep it nice and simple!

Sticks are the basic, two-tone are the easiest to apply and best value for money, the three-tone are generally more wide-spread now and also good value and mostly come with a mirror in-built for helping with applying personal cam.

Since the issuance of MTP and wide-spread adaption of Multicam have also come the palettes in 5-colour tones, which are excellent for use alongside these same new uniformed clothing and kit.

We also have access to the traditional and specialised palettes as well for environments ranging from Arctic, Desert, Woodland and Jungle. 

We also retail a wide range of accessories for the application of personal camouflage and foliage including scrim nets, rifle tape, helmet bands, and MTP scrim fabric which is excellent in its compliance with MTP and Multicam as well as breaking up the outline of the head when a helmet is worn. 

NSN 6850-99-371-1878
5 ( 5 / 5 )
as a royal marine this was great for my arctic warfare course and hard to find, bought 10 sticks for me and the lads and it worked great! thanks guys!

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