MTP 5-Colour Palette Camo Cream with mirror

-29% MTP 5-Colour Palette Camo Cream with mirror
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern
Product Code: KMC825
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This waterproof twist-turn 5 colour MTP style cam cream box with mirror for all terrains, its the only cam cream you'll need.

Includes a mirror so you can see how well your camming up is going with regards to application.

With 5 colours this camo cream is also ideal for other uniforms and terrains with the following colours

The thing I like about this mirror is that it is nice and compact can be kept very easily in one of the shoulder pockets of the new PCS smock for easy access on ops, exercises, paintballing etc and has a VERY good in-built mirror that you can look into when your "camming up"

  • Olive Green
  • Brown
  • Coyote Tan
  • Black
  • Ivory

​Comes in strong plastic waterproof case with mirror.

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