British Army MTP UBACS Shirt with Blanking Panels

British Army MTP UBACS Shirt with Blanking Panels
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British Army MTP PCS UBACS Combat Shirts as issued to British Forces in MTP with a cool-max wicking base layer, also as a base layer for MTP Osprey Vests.

MTP BLANKING PATCHES ARE INCLUDED with one patch having union jack and one plain.

"Shirt, Combat, Hot Weather, Under Body Armour Combat Shirt with Enhanced Protection. With and without Insect Repellent. Lightweight body and full length Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) sleeves and collar. Treated with Permethin which insect repels."

The under armour wicking layer has made this exceptionally comfortable to wear especially with the current CBA/Osprey body armour system and it's always a good idea to have a few spares of these!

The UBACS aka Under Body Armour Combat Shirt is a shirt that is worn under the issued Osprey MOLLE vest system or CBA, with the chest area implementing a wicking layer which can be adjusted to comfort by the user of a zipper and with pockets actually added to the sleeves themselves, the way unit identification was attached to the uniform has changed completely as well!

Velcro panels on the pockets of the sleeves allow TRFs, ID badges, Blood Group, Unit Identification, DZ, Zap badges and even morale patches to be attached and removed as required!

These are genuine issue British UBACS (Under Body Armour Combat Shirts) and form part of the new British Army Personal Clothing System, currently issued to British forces in the new MTP Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage pattern.

PCS is a complete different system to the older Soldier 95 and reflects more updated technolagies, innovative ideas, combining old and new and completely new implementations altogether!

More details on exactly what the PCS system is and its new innovations can be found at the bottom.

Now integrated into the New PCS Personal Clothing System as a starter base layer its using high performance material and Coolmax gives it the bonus of moisture wicking, breathability amd high performance.

This latest issue British Forces anti-static mesh-fabric short sleeve t-shirt has been specially manufactured by a UK-MoD approved supplier.


Base Layer


Fibres are not round, but are slightly oblong in cross-section with grooves running lengthwise along the threads.

The series of closely spaced channels creates capillary action that wicks moisture through the core and out to a wider area on the surface of the fabric which increases evaporation.

The fabrics employ specially-engineered polyester fibres to improve "breathability" compared to natural fibres like cotton.

'Wick away' or 'wickaway' is a general term used for fabrics that are engineered to draw moisture away from the skin through capillary action and increased evaporation over a wider surface area.

Which size is best for me?

  • Small: Approx 36" chest
  • Medium: Approx 40" chest
  • Large: Approx 44" chest
  • XL: Approx 48" chest


  • Over-head style with quarter zip at top for adjusting for comfort and for further ventilation
  • Two large bellows arm pockets with Velcro closures and Velcro patches for badges such as TRF's, badges, zap badges, blood patch etc
  • Adjustable cuffs with large Canadian style buttons which make them easy to adjust
  • The middle section of the shirt is made up of a plain wicking material exact to the Coolmax T-Shirts for wicking of moisture and thus making them more comfortable to wear long term and also for wear with the Mk4 Osprey.

Sleeves and Shoulders

  • Lightweight poly cotton
  • Foam padded (removable) shoulders, elbows and forearms
  • Patch pockets 2 on the upper arm
  • Also 2 lower arm pockets, one with pen slots
  • Velcro I.D. attachment patches on both sleeves
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs

Body of Shirt

  • Highly breathable
  • Highly wickable
  • High zip neck
  • Fire Retardant
Condition Grade 1
Colour Multi Terrain Pattern
IRR aka Infra Red Reflective?
IRR? Yes
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