British Army 3-Way Folding Compact Entrenching Tool

British Army 3-Way Folding Compact Entrenching Tool
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MOD Spec issued 3 way entrenching tool that doubles as a spade, pick, shovel, and in darker times when needed a close combat weapon! An essential tool for an Infantry soldier especially when diggin into a harbour area or defensive position.

Whats the point in carrying one with you in the field? Speak to someone whose done ITC Catterick or another fully qualified Infantry Soldier, better yet, speak to someone whose actually been Artillery fire, whether direct or indirect, because these will improve your survivability by probably 10 fold and reduce the lethality of enemy Mortars or Artillery, you certainly wouldn't regret it.

Comes packed in nice military Olive Green Cordura pouch, can easily be stowed on your webbing, or in the top of a standard PLCE Bergen

Essential for digging a shellscrape more quicker than using your hands or a racing spoon, also doubles up as a pick, spade, shovel, even as a close combat weapon in wartimes as use has been seen etc

An essential item for use during operations and exercises apparently.

Function as the following

  • Spade
  • Pick
  • Shovel
  • Axe
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