British Army MTP Waterproof Rucksack Cover, Upto 120+ Litres

British Army MTP Waterproof Rucksack Cover, Upto 120+ Litres
Brand: British Terrain Pattern
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A waterproof cover to fit a large sized rucksack, will fit over a British Army issued bergen with side pouches, absolute must for unexpected showers and torrential downpours!

This rucksack cover works like the conventional piece of kit which would make a Woodland DPM PLCE set bergen MTP covered but this one is also infact ripstop and has an elasticated hem which can be pulled down featuring a toggle fastener for secure fastening, a must for hiking in the foul weather conditions on ops or on exercises in the Brecon Beacons etc

Make your rucksack/bergen waterpoof AND MTP compatible!

It has an elasticated hem and a toggle fastener allowing for a secure fit, designed to be quick and easy to use, it will fit over your rucksack to keep your kit dry in wet weather

Excellent piece of kit, makes your kit instantly MTP/Muticam compliant as well as waterproof

Perfect match to the MTP pattern issue.

Great for keeping your Bergen dry and protected in in foul weather.


  • Fully waterproof and ripstop
  • Elastic closure
  • Elasticated hem
  • Toggle fastener
  • MTP/Multicam Compatible
Condition New
Colour MTP
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