British Army Goretex Jackets, Woodland DPM MVP

-56% British Army Goretex Jackets, Woodland DPM MVP
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The current issue design is constructed from Gore-Tex MVP three layer laminated material incorporating an outer water repellent layer, middle barrier layer and inner breathable layer, this adds to the comfort and usability of the jacket design itself.

The jacket is designed to be highly waterproof against medium to heavy showers, a large skirt and collar help to protect the hips and thighs as well as the neck area from wind and blown water droplets.

Cuffs close with Velcro hook and loop to help seal off the arms against water, the jacket closes with a central two-way chunky zip and also has an extra zip to allow easy reaching of contents inside jacket or shirt pockets without opening the whole front.

The Zip is covered by two wind and storm baffles which Velcro over each other, the bottom of skirt has elasticated shock cord and toggle adjustment to bring this area close to the body and prevent wind from driving up from below.

These products are breathable/permeable...

British Army issued kit made of the original “Goretex” or “MVP” aka Moisture Vapour Permeable material are “breathable” products, ok, that sounds good, but what exactly does it mean, let’s make it simply for you, the customer to understand:

When it comes to outdoor wear, from trousers to jackets or mid layers, the best and most useable fabrics are “breathable”, arguably more important than being windproof or waterproof, breathable capabilities in a garment mean it allows body moisture and vapours to be released, so you can use it for active wear without overheating or feeling discomfort. 

Breathable garments do not ‘stop’ you sweating or producing moisture, which is a natural response, but allow drying to happen quickly.

Breathability is particularly important in active wear. The more of your own body heat you will be using and producing, for example on an uphill trek, the more breathability you will need.

The balance with breathability is between letting enough moisture escape, whilst keeping moisture out, whilst at the same time preventing condensation.


  • The retractable hood can be stowed away under collar.
  • All seams are taped.
  • 2 chest pockets (some)
  • Rank tab on front (some)
  • Hood
  • Grade 1
  • Please note styles may vary (rank slide/front pockets etc)
Condition Grade 1
Colour Woodland DPM
5 ( 5 / 5 )
outstanding product!

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