Pilgrim MTP Advanced Airborne Webbing with AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle

-48% Pilgrim MTP Advanced Airborne Webbing with AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle
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Built to by an MOD approved manufacturer to mililitary specifications, our webbing is manufactured from 100% genuine MTP compliant fabric and is IRR coated to reduce your infra-red signature as well as having a Durable Water Repellent finish (waterproofing), along with this each pouch is PVC lined to increase the waterproof the pouches and being made of tough 1000 Denier Cordura is also made to the same standards and expectations of issued military kit, we have no doubt in our minds that this product will give you great service for years to come on the battlefields of today and tomorrow whether on exercise or operations.

Based on the original tailored webbing design popular with the Parachute Regiment but now adopted by soldiers throughout the British Army, the stitching of pouches onto a foam-padded mesh lined belt promotes an extremely comfortable and stable belt order which also guarentees stability as pouches are not "loose",

Designed and built in the UK to Mil-Spec by an MOD approved manufacturer using military specification materials.

We also feature the highly popular AustriAlpine Cobra Buckle (please see below for specifications!)

2 x Ammo Pouches

  • Ammo pouch on the left and hand side is a dedicated 6 magazine 5.56 NATO pouches, ensuring a tight grip with Velcro lining and pop stud closure, enabling magazines to stay secure during field use, can also carry grenades
  • The ends of each ammo pouch feature MOLLE loops for attachment of 3rd party accessories including issued Grenade Pouches and Smoke Grenade, FFD's can also into Smoke grende pouches!

3 x Utility Pouches

  • Features 3 Utility-sized  pouches with quick release Nexus buckles.
  • Large enough to fit a messtin/water bottle, standard PLCE size
  • Each utility pouch featured MOLLE loops fitted at the top to allow further attachment of small accessories but was mainly designed with the ability to loop and lock elastic in mind for the quick addition and removal of vegetation in the field.


We have taken the time and expertise to implement a Cobra style "quick release" buckle favoured by personnel whom often purchase these 3rd party to have altered into their webbing seperately and also ensures security, rather than using a quick release buckle we've implemented the strongest branded buckle money can buy to ensure quality control in all components used, can be detached in an instant!

AustriAlpin 50mm 2" Coyote Brown Cobra Buckle

The safety lock of the cobra is patented and guaranteed secure application. the cobras can be either unilaterally or under Open last. All standard sizes are compatible. belt in conjunction with the appropriate guarantees to keep the cobra 18kN in the ring.

These patented buckles are currently deemed as the best buckle money can buy and are used today on belts worn by Special Operatives and Emergency Services Worldwide

  • The AustriAlpin Cobra is the ONLY side quick release in the world that will not release accidentally by human or mechanical error when under load.
  • Patent Protected Design and Engineering
  • 18kN or 4000lb (loop configuration) / 9kN or 2000lb (direct load)
  • Lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy
  • CNC machined (not forged) for perfect consistency and flawless operation
  • Precise action brass release mechanism

Features field tested polymer SRB buckles. 6 polymer D-Rings allow all of our range of yokes to be added to build the ultimate in belt order setup.


  • PVC Lined Waterproof Pouches
  • Durable Water Repellant finish on fabric
  • Infra-Red Resistant
  • 1000D Cordura
  • Genuine AustriAlpine Quick Release Metal Cobra Buckle fitting
  • Built in the UK to mil-sec by MOD approved manufacturer
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