Pilgrim MTP 3 Litre Hydrapack, Lifetime Guarentee

Pilgrim MTP 3 Litre Hydrapack, Lifetime Guarentee
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LIFETIME GUARENTEE: All Pilgrim products come with a lifetime guarantee/warranty, any further enquiries please see our Pilgrim section at the bottom of the page for further details.

These orders are made to order and you should recieve an acknnowledgement within 48 hours

If you have not please e-mail us direct

3 Litre Hydration System, MTP, in a neat pack.

Shoulder straps and sternum strap made from webbing.

Loops on the shoulder straps to guide the hose and 25mm side release buckles allowing quick release on the straps.

Easily accessible bladder so cleaning is straightforward.

A simple pull/push bite valve on the hose.

Why buy Pilgrim?

This seem’s to be an important question which comes into mind when comparing the price options from manufacturers of webbing, bergens and accessories like Disciple, Vanguard, Kombat, Web-Tex and other manufacturers.

A lot of questions will get raised in your mind when it comes to splashing out your hand earned money on non-issue kit and just what will justify the expense, like chalk and cheese it all comes down to what your kit and what you gain from the expenditure.

What’s wrong with cheaper options; this is an easy one, they are usually mass produced, and most of the time don’t share any of the military-requirements like NATO approved kit especially which has core requirements like;

MTP compliance: It’s either MTP or the next best thing which is from the same manufacturer and their commercial match; Eribis, the closest thing you’ll get to Multi Terrain Pattern cam, guaranteed, nothing else comes close!

  • Erebis: It should be added Erebis is from an MoD contractor that was involved in the development of MTP - Cortman textiles, so IRR tuning and the rest of the technical stuff is all good! Eribis represent their commercial variant and as mentioned by virtually everyone you’ll find on the net, it’s the closest match.
  • Multicam: It may be IRR in compliance but forgot exact colour comparison when matching side by side, because you’ll tell the difference straight away due to MTP having it’s own unique style.
  • BTP aka British Terrain Pattern; From Kombat this is an easy one, don’t even go there, it looks worse than Multicam when matched up again MTP in comparison and isn’t even IRR compliant, it’s mainly something aimed for the cadet market and ethusiasts in airsoft and paintball where cost is the deciding factor.

Ruggedness and Robustness

Military equipment is designed to be bashed, thrashed and thrown around as in the designed environments for them, some items can be labelled as “squaddie-proof”, basically near-enough indestructible, or guaranteed to last a long enough time that it won’t at least be falling apart at the seams the first time you put it on!

Infra Red Reflectivity aka IRR

IRR protection, what’s this for? It’s what happens when someone is looking at you through a night-sight, thus if your equipment has the applicable-coating your signature will be reduced to that of foliage.

What’s the meaning of signature and what’s it all about? It’s basically about heat shielding when the relevance of IRR comes into it’s own, naturally your skin and body heat emit a signature that will show up through night sights due to be the solar reflectance on exterior surfaces like your skin and equipment which is near your skin compared to foliage which is dead and emits nothing on the scale.

If your kit has no IRR coating, you might as well be a walking glow stick, and thus that’s going to make you an easier target for any opposing force, especially snipers, marksman and you might as well be illuminating the whole of your section.

Think about it, in a real life situation would you really want to make yourself an easier target? Because that’s exactly what you would be doing, especially if you were wearing a non-IRR Bergen when tabbing and patrolling, you might as well be shouting loudly or waving a flag which says “I’m right here!”

A lifetime warranty

Pilgrim kit unlike most of the usual stuff you’ll get other brands is guaranteed to last, so much they offer a lifetime warranty with it, and to be honest isn’t that much expensive over the other option’s you’ll see available, it’s handmade and rigorously tested to meet military standards and in most cases excel them.

Carrying Capacity
Capacity 3 Litres
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