US Woodland PASGT Body Armour

-67% US Woodland PASGT Body Armour
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Genuine US Military issue BDU/Woodland Camo PASGT (Personal Armour System for Ground Troops) Fragmentation Vest/Body Armour

This was used from the 1980’s to the early 2000’s and replaced the M-69 Fragmentation Protective Body Armour Nylon Vest that was used during the Vietnam War

This has a Kevlar filler included that is designed to protect the wearer from grenade, shell fragments and small arms fire in a range of calibres.

As used by US forces

Please note this is sold exclusively as a collectors item and no guarentee is offered as to its level or rating of ballistic properties, NIJ level, stab proof, bullet proof, etc.


Heavy duty nylon outer shell

Velcro secured front closure

2 velcro secured front pockets

Webbing loops on the front

An excellent piece of kit of military kit for collectors, re-enactment, fancy dress etc.

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