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Designed and manufactured by from genuine MTP fabric, this design is designed as the "Patrol" bergen as it takes all the feedback gathered from soldiers over the years and collates features used in designs as well as other innovations over the years, from the requirement of a consistent design which can sit above webbing (Shortback) to the requirement to tailor and add to the pack itself extra pouches and kit (MOLLE devices) and still retain the capacity of the issued 100 litre PLCE Infantry Bergen as well as use the issued PLCE pouches as well as 3rd party devices, this became the turnout tried and tested design taking all the best features and putting them all into one, the MTP MOLLE "SAS" Patrol Bergen, why call it a patrol Bergen?

It features a commonly asked-for design which is usually engineered on issued kit by companies like "Jay Jay's" for a start; the triple-MOLLE pouch at the bottom of the front for a start, enough to keep plenty of water-bottles or stash your kit in!

The Bergen features the 3 utility pouches for the storage of quickly needed items, this can be your waterproof rucksack liner or cover for use in adverse conditions, waterproof jacket and other kit, water bottles, high energy food during tabbing, use the imagination or your requirements, the Patrol pack will sit comfortably above your webbing unlike a Longback, the 3 pouches themselves each close with clip-on buckles and each pouch features a drainage hole so any liquids get dispersed out of it effectively through the bottom.

As already noted this variation is ideal for patrolling as it is more wider and hence sits above webbing systems more comfortably, but retaining the same benefits of the ability to expand the options with the addition of MOLLE straps and the capacity to add MOLLE compatible pockets etc, there are 5 rows of MOLLE loops and each will take the 3rd party MTP accessories such as utility pouches, radio pouch, ammo etc and all are made of the same 1000 denier Cordura and all is genuine MTP which is IRR compatible material and PLCE zip-on sides!

Like the other issued Bergen "Infantry" design there are PLCE clips for attaching other devices onto the design such as a Camelbak and the PLCE-zip on at the side will take the optional side pouches we retail (which also have further MOLLE loops for attaching more kit!) as well as other new innovations such as the MTP PLCE Assault Side Pocket which can comfortably carry further ammunition.

The Patrol design also has more features to make an attractive option; a breathable-mesh "Airflow" spaced liner system for the dissipation of moisture from sweat when yomping with heavy loads, the mesh-liner will simply assist in evaporating accumulated sweat and make it also more comfortable to carry with the padded lining, the lid actually also a floating lid as seen on to issued Field Pack Air Support variant to allow it to stack sh*t loads more kit as needed and also has the waterproof liner on the top for the protection of equipment from the elements, what more could you ask for in a piece of equipment?

There is also a Velcro on patch on the front for the attachment of a unit TRF etc or morale badge, use your imagination!

Personally myself when using these on regular trips I would encourage the use of lightweight dry bags in their various capacities (also in varying colours!) to keep kit separate and identifiable, from keeping wet and dry stuff separate to clean and dirty washing as well as clothes, shoes and other equipment.

All of these products are made of 1000 Genuine Cordura MTP material, same as the British Army


  • Updated version of the famous Bergen
  • Huge 120+ litres capacity
  • MOLLE straps on front
  • Elasticated floating removable lid with zipped top and inside pocket
  • Velcro patch for ID badge or blood group on lid
  • Removable polycarbonate panel, stiffened with aluminium spine for strength
  • Interior pocket with Velcro and press stud closure
  • Airflow spacer fabric back for maximum comfort and breathability with 10mm closed cell foam padding
  • Shorter and wider than current issue Bergens to sit above webbing systems
  • 3 utility pockets on front
  • Zips on sides to take PLCE side pockets
  • Padded waist belt
  • Contoured fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Made from 1000d MTP fabric
  • Colour - MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern)

All of these products are made of 1000 Genuine Cordura MTP material, same as the British Army

Condition New
Colour Multi Terain Pattern
IRR aka Infra Red Reflective?
IRR? Yes
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Looks the part, reasonably well constructed and robust but the load carrying system is not great. Just finished a prolonged FTX in Brecon- stood up to 2 weeks load carrying around the hills but very uncomfortable due to narrow shoulder straps and the cinch straps at the top of the shoulder articulate with the Bergen lid rather than the frame so impossible to get it sitting right. The back frame itself is too flexible and tends to bulge out when the main compartment is packed. Overall it is ok but I would strongly recommend spending a little extra on a modified issued Bergen or something like the warrior BMF or pilgrim range if you are planning using it for carrying heavy loads.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
i couldn't be happier with this! was delivered day after and i've added my molle utility pouches and its great for carrying extra stuff, also would recommend water bottle pouches for patrolling
5 ( 5 / 5 )
what a steal! came fast and i got using it straight away on an exercise and am definately getting moneys worth so hands down for this piece of kit!!! i would recommend making use of the molle straps for ammo if carrying linked ammunition and i'm MG platoon and this is great for keeping extra!

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