British Army PLCE Air Support Rucksack Bergen, MTP

British Army PLCE Air Support Rucksack Bergen, MTP
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Genuine issue MTP Bergen's known as "Field Pack Air Support", aka Para Bergens, max capacity of 180 litre, can take 3 PLCE sidepouches. Genuine issue article with NSN and brand new condition

These are limited issue Bergen's known as "Field Pack Air Support" and come with an even higher carrying capacity and general additional features than the issued Infantry variant, as well as being able to carry 2 additional PLCE zip on pockets, there is room for an additional 3rd on top (see photos) of the Bergen which would be ideal for a team medic pack or radio pack.

One of the most rarely issued pieces of kit ever, genuine SAS and special forces kit, these are the most rarest issued Bergens to see, they would be favoured by Royal Marines Commando.

These Field Packs have a capacity of 150 OR 180 litres with the 3 side pouches attached and of course these pouches can be substituted with Camelbaks, First Aid pack etc

With 6 Utility pouches on the front of the Bergen each pouch can hold a 24 hour ration pack  or a NATO issue waterbottle and mug together so a good idea could be 72 hours worth of rations and 3 waterbottles!

The core requirement of the Infantry Bergen is that it can comfortably hold loads of kit and be able to carry it around comfortably, the basic idea for an Infantry soldier, is that you’ll live out of this huge rucksack on your back for extended more without resupply (except water and ammunition).

Actual issued item with an actual NSN (NATO Stock Number): AIR SUPPORT FIELD PACK / PATHFINDER BERGEN.

As used by British SAS & Para regiment soldiers in combat operations; much larger than standard infantry bergens, this pack is 150 litres & can be expanded to 180 litres by adding 3 side pouches or medic pouches one ether side & one on the lid.

Pack is made from heavy duty 1000 denier IRR (Infra-Red Resistant) Cordura material with internal removable aluminium frame.

  • Large main compartment with waterproof storm flap, drawstring closure & buckle secured lid, lid has one internal pocket & one large external pocket.
  • Six fixed outer pouches with storm hoods
  • Three utility size pouches & three larger pouches underneath); all with buckle secured top flaps & water resistant drawstring storm flaps.
  • Padded air-mesh air flow back back with padded shoulder straps (right strap is quick release for use in emergency situations). Padded waist strap with heavy duty buckle, emergency drag handle.
  • Reinforced drain holes in each of the compartments for better efficiency in maritime conflicts.
  • Fantastic bit of kit & is more than capable of handling anything you throw at it.

These are made for British special forces so are built to last and genuine issue.

So whether your out on ops , camping or in fact any out door activity where you need to carry equipment with you this bit of kit will serve you well.

Royal Marines are legendary for their ability to “yomp” over rough terrain carrying loads in excess of 100lbs or more and this can include food, water, ammunition, equipment specialist to their job, so for a start these rucksacks need to be able to carry a lot and also comfortably.

Capacity within the rucksack or Bergen as the Army likes to call is actually rated as a 150 litres and that it is a hell of lot, and even if that wasn’t enough you can actually zip on a 10 litre side pouches onto each side of the Bergen itself to add another 20 litres, that make it’s a 180litre carrying capacity just as standard.

It needs to be durable, being a military issued product means its military grade and that tells you straight away that this thing has been designed to be chucked and thrown around in every environment imaginable from the deserts of Afghanistan, mountains of the Brecon Beacons, the Arctic, the list goes.

For a start the material is super tough, its made of 1000 Denier Cordura which is a super strong fabric and Cordura is actually a brand name for the collection of fabrics which are known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.

Our standard setup comes with the 2 detachable side pouches aka rocket pouches as well as the supporting back frame for back support when yomping about with heavy loads, these Bergen’s are made of heavy duty material, can take more than 180 litres and still maintain the strain of carrying so much weight without breaking!

The Bergen’s PLCE design means they are versatile in that the side pouches can be detached to attach any other PLCE compatible accessories such as Radio pack, Medical Pack, or any other 3rd party accessories such as from most major brands, a Camelbak can also be fitted onto the side, or using the yoke the 2 * 10 litre side pouches can be attached together to make a 20 litre daysack rucksack as shown.

This rucksack represents all you need for camping and trekking needs, anything in the field in fact, and they are also very customizable.


  • Multi Pocket
  • DPM Camouflage
  • Airflow Mesh Back
  • IRR aka Infra-Red Resistant
  • 1000 Denier Cordura
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • 150/180 litre total capacity
  • 6 Outer Pockets with storm hoods
  • Front utility pouch
  • Side compression Straps
  • Drainage Holes
  • Quick Release buckle on left strasp
  • 3 PLCE Compatible Zip-On
  • NSN: 8465-99-380-6492
Condition New
Colour MTP
5 ( 5 / 5 )
It is great thanks, I completed the Cambrian Patrol this weekend and the Bergen was a great help, much more comfortable than the issue one. The large number of front pouches. Made it easier to separate specific bits of kit which allowed easier access to them. The Bergen sits a lot better across the entirety of my back a lot better than an issue bergen and though the back padding is good, I felt it could be better as at times I could feel kit in the bag and after 50km , that starts to become uncomfortable. That would be my only point to improve on. I also like the different orientation of the top zip up pouch on the lid. The fold up velcro strap tidier are also a good touch which could be implemented on all of the straps.

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