British Army Combat Body Armour CBA Flak Vest (with Kevlar filler), Navy Blue

British Army Combat Body Armour CBA Flak Vest (with Kevlar filler), Navy Blue
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These are the general issue Kevlar flak vest covers used by the British Army to provide protection on operations whether combat, war time, range work, exercise, training or peace keeping, they are usually filled with a KR1 fragmentation filler and protection for the vital areas with solid Level 4 hard plates, the first kevlar filler is known as the "soft filler" and the "hard filler" refers to the solid plates, there is a compartment on the front (heart area) for inserting a hard plate as well as wearing appropriate rank slide as well as a further compartment on the bank for inserting another.

The Kevlar liner can be removed for the purpose of washing the cover when it becomes too filthy, dirty and smelling after extended use by using the zip on the inside and than reinserted after washing.

This product comes with Kevlar filler already inserted and fitted correctly.


  • Front opening with Velcro fixing
  • Fully adjustable by two straps each side with Velcro fixing
  • Internal access to remove/replace plates
  • Machine washable
  • Please note this is purely for collectables and re-enactment NO protection is guarenteed
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