British Army 3-Tone MTP Multi Terrain Camo Box GREEN/BROWN/SAND with Mirror

British Army 3-Tone MTP Multi Terrain Camo Box GREEN/BROWN/SAND with Mirror
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3-Tone Multi Terrain Camo Compact Box in newer revised GREEN/BROWN/SAND with Mirror for the easy application of non-skin irritant, IRR reflective, UV resistant, and NATO spec issued cam cream, includes a mirror inside the bo for use when applying.

This is the newer updated version of the prior 3 tone for use iwth the MTP clothing and updated due to existing theatres having been updated from operational experiance in Afghanistan!

This compact camouflage cream is the updated version of the three-colour camo cream currently supplied to the British Ministry of Defence as well as NATO.

It is infrared reflective (IRR) to ensure passive camouflage protection in the visible and near-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.



  • Supplied in a strong ABS plastic case
  • Integral acrylic mirror in the lid.
  • Sand, Olive green and Brown
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove with simply mild soap or our wet wipes
  • Waterproof resistant
  • High sun protection factor
  • Infrared Red Reflective
  • Won’t react with sensitive skin
  • Standard issue to UK and most NATO force
  • New longer lasting formula
  • Latest issue
Condition New
NSN 6859-99-978-5980
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