Lowe Alpine Saracen Rucksack Set, Olive Green

Lowe Alpine Saracen Rucksack Set, Olive Green
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The Lowe Alpine Saracen is one of the largest issue backpack of the Dutch army, it has a well rounded size, durability and delivers in all aspects and if we look at the functions of the Lowe Alpine Saracen this tactical military backpack like all the preferences of all our employees.

An excellent alternative for those seeking the durability, reliability and robustness of a military issued item but in a more civilian friendly colour such as Olive Green.

The Lowe Alpine Saracen consists of a lower and an upper compartment separated by a partition with a pull cord. The hood of the Lowe Alpine Saracen has two zippered access to the side of the outside and inside.

Obviously Lowe Alpine Saracen has a good fit because the back is adjustable in length.

As you would expect from this high-end military backpacks Lowe Alpine, this combined with the heavy-duty durability and perfect finish is a good choice in military situations.

At the bottom of the Lowe Alpine Saracen backpack has a pocket for a sleeping bag, with internal compression straps.

The broad anatomically shaped waistband ensures you with reasonable ease carrying a loaded backpack.

Mounting options for pickles, poles, skis, etc with many straps, extra equipment, such as attaching a sleeping mat, everywhere there are loops to attach to more equipment.

In short, this is a well thought out piece of equipment which has been carefully designed for the tactical minded individual.


  • Grade 1
  • Olive Green
  • Condition: Grade 1
Carrying Capacity
Capacity 120 Litres
Condition Grade 1
Colour Olive Green
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