Transparent Interlocking Riot Shield - LONG - 1200mm x 500mm

Transparent Interlocking Riot Shield - LONG - 1200mm x 500mm
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The interlocking feature of the shield is one of the many reasons why they are popular the world over with the design having seen extensive use first in Northern Ireland during “Op Banner” and now recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Based on the Ancient Roman design, the interlocking allows the user to remain protected by interlinking the shield’s bevelled edges with other shields to form a protective and ridged barrier from harm.
All are capable of locking together and the small and intermediate types will lock onto the sides, and more importantly, provide roof cover by locking the angled tab on the back panel onto the top of any other type.

Top cover shields can be angled to provide better deflection of missiles or run-off for liquids.

The shield configuration maximises safety in static and mobile situations with the extra length allows shield groups to consolidate under heavy bombardment.

Standing at 1200mm this is the ultimate lightweight multipurpose shield for designed for a wide range of hostile situations including crowd control, street tactics, barrier intervention, and offers the best protection for small teams needing protection from thrown projectiles.

Users operating in the smallest of sections to platoon size can join together to form a shield wall and operational experience has shown that a shield wall can be a proven deterrent to the most aggressive of crowds and should the threat escalate than the shield wall will beat back the most determined of foes whilst providing maximum protection.

The shields themselves maintain a minimum 95% transparency allowing users to observe and react to oncoming threats such as bricks, wood and other blunt non-ballistic projectiles and trauma.

These shields are also popular for use with military themed games such as airsoft, paintball, acting, film, TV, and the smaller types are popular with those in the security industry such as bailiffs and law enforcement.


  1. Material: UV stabilized polycarbonate sheet with 95% transparency.
  2. Shape: rectangular.
  3. Length: 1200 mm.
  4. Breadth: 550 mm.
  5. Thickness: 3.5 mm.
  6. Weight: 4.6 KG.


  1. Type: Head Gear/Guards
  2. Material: Transparent Poly Carbonate (PC) L
  3. Light transmittance: 84%
  4. Resistance to impact strength: 147 j kinetic energy Impact
  5. Puncture performance: GA68-2003 standard test tool 20 j kinetic energy puncture
  6. Connection: Strength 500 n or more
  7. Armband bonding strength p 500 n
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