Black Police T-Shirt with embroidery, epaulette loops & zip neck

Black Police T-Shirt with embroidery, epaulette loops & zip neck
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These are black t-shirts made of comfortable lightweight polyester with "POLICE" is embroidered on the arms as shown, features a zip-neck and shoulder loops for attaching your epaulette with your shoulder number and rank etc

These are designed to be worn under the issued dual purpose stab vest etc and the zip neck adds to some purpose in case gets hot under

These Police t-shirts to have the epaullete loops on shoulder as well as embroidery on front of t-shirt and can be made to spec to suit PCSO in colour.

All t-shirts can be customized to spec including Police, PCSO and with logos on the front, please contact with details.


  • 100% polyester
  • Embroidery in "Police" on both arms
  • Zip neck

Please note these articles are generally only for sale to authorized personnel, collectors, film re-enactment, I. and use is restricted by law.

May also be purchased for private collections, re-enactment, film use, etc.

Please do NOT go wandering around in public dressed as a police officer if you are not one, you WILL get into trouble

In case it's unknown to anyone reading, impersonating a police officer is a criminal offence

We may require your collar number and request delivery to a police station or a way to confirm delivery to a secure address and identity of the organisation so please fill all this in the special instructions OR provide promptly if asked.

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