US M9A1 Field Protective Gas Mask Respirator NEW

New US M9A1 Field Protective Gas Mask Respirator NEW
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The M9 series Field Protective Masks are some of the most successful gas masks to be used by the United States military, derivations being adopted by at least six other countries. The masks featured here at the more popular M9A1 design which was subsequently upgraded and provide more protection than the previous version.

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The M9 Series Field Protective Masks are some of the most successful gas masks to be used by the United States military, derivations being adopted by at least six other countries. Starting production around 1947, the M9 Series remained in standard infantry service until the early 1960s, when it was phased out with the introduction of the M17 Field Protective Mask.Despite being replaced as a standard infantry mask by the M17 Series during the early/mid-Vietnam War, the M9 series continued service with National Guardsmen and Law Enforcement (even though they had speciality gas masks of their own) during protests against the war.

It was also issued to Civilian Defence workers and civilians alike, and the M9 series would be used by these organizations up until the 1970s.Even after the M9 series was phased out by general infantry, policemen and civilians alike, it continued its use by the U.S. Heavy Decontamination Crews, Chemical Stockpile Inspectors and Handlers, and EOD Personnel used the mask from its conception in the late 1940s until the early 1990s as a part of the ABC-M21 Rocket Propellant, M15 Compressed Air Breathing, Toxicological Agents Protective (T.A.P.) Gear ensembles.

Also sometime around 1951, the M9 was given another upgrade - as it was realized the principles of an 'Assault'-style gas mask used primarily for amphibious landings and airborne missions was growing obsolete, the need for an all-encapsulating waterproof carrier was also becoming obsolete. The M9A1 changed nothing in regards to the kit except for the carrier, now replaced with the more compact E18R9 (M11) Carrier Bag, which allowed quicker access to the mask and adequate convenience of carrying. The lightweight and accessibility of the M9A1 became so popular that production quickly overtook the M9, with packing tins marked for M9 Field Protective Masks hastily being painted over and re-stamped to contain M9A1's.

On some occasions, M9A1 Masks could be paired with earlier black rubber Facepieces, dated as late as 1952. Although some speculation claims they were experimental "arctic" facepieces made of more weather-resistant rubber, this claim stands unconfirmed. It is currently unknown how many black rubber M9A1's were produced, or if they were even issued in the standard packaging.

The standard packaged accessories for the M9/M9A1 Masks consist of:

  M11 Canister C15R1 Carrier M11 Carrier Anti-Dim Cloth Packed in Cardboard Box Packed in Metal Tin
M9 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
M9A1 Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
  • M11 Carrier Bag 

The M11 (E18R9) is the standard-issue carrier bag for the M9A1 Field Protective Mask, made of an OD107 water-repellent cotton duck canvas. It is a flat bag measuring 9½ by 12 by 4½ inches, opening with a reinforced flat closure retained by 3 'Lift-The Dot' Fasteners. Two pockets are provided on the interior bottom and side for the Protective Ointment Kit and the M1 Waterproofing Bag.

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