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Pilgrim Systems MTP Sniper Webbing

Pilgrim Systems MTP Sniper Webbing
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Pilgrim Systems MTP Sniper Webbing

Our webbing is manufactured from 100% genuine MTP compatible fabric and is IRR coated to reduce your infra-red signature as well as having a Durable Water Repellent finish (waterproofing), along with this each pouch is PVC lined to increase the waterproof the pouches and being made of tough 1000 Denier Cordura is also made to the same standards and expectations of issued military kit, we have no doubt in our minds that this product will give you great service for years to come on the battlefields of today and tomorrow whether on exercise or operations.

These orders are made to order and you should recieve an acknnowledgement within 48 hours

If you have not please e-mail us direct

This variation is designed especially for the user of designated marksman and masters of concealment, camouflage and fieldcraft, the notorious sniper; valued members of an Infantry battalion who excel in targeting high value members of the enemy, gathering intelligence or simply observing, there are specially designed pouches on the back of each utility pouch for access to the issued match grade .338 ammunition when lying prone.

"The L115A3 Long Range Sniper Rifle - based on a weapon used by the British Olympic shooting team - weighs 15lbs, fires 8.59mm rounds and has a range of 1,100-1,500 yards. In November 2009, UK Corporal Craig Harrison shot the current world record for longest confirmed kill at 2,476 m firing a .338 Lapua Magnum LockBase B408."

Pilgrim HFP webbing features a jointed hip pad using closed cell foam to pad and protect the operator.

All pouches are sewn directly onto the hip pad, which promotes stability and comfort.

Designed and built in the UK, to Mil-Spec.

Ammo pouches on both the left and right hand side are dedicated 6 magazine 5.56 NATO pouches, ensuring a tight grip with Velcro and pop stud closure, enabling magazines to stay secure during field use.

.338 magazine pouches are located on the outside of the utility pouches.

Each .338 pouch opens towards the ends of the webbing, allowing access when in the prone position

A roll pin buckle closure ensures quick and easy adjustment to the operator's waist.

Features field tested polymer SRB buckles. 6 polymer D-Rings allow all of our range of yokes to be added to build the ultimate in belt order setup.

Two loops for fixing a bayonet frog.

Finished off with an FFD pouch on the left hand side and a multi-tool pouch on the right hand side to ensure the operator is field ready.


  • 3 Pouch set is designed to fit a 29' to 32' waist. 
  • 4 Pouch set is designed to fit a 33' to 38' waist.

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