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British Terrain Pattern

Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K1261
Holdalls are great for the rapid transportation of kit, also knowsn as "Operational Travel Bags" or as Ops Bags. Use as rucksack or holdall, ideal gym bag!These superbly constructed black holdall style bags are ideal for travelling and made of the strong 600 PU material; hard wearing and durable..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K979
A British Terrain Pattern Airborne system with MOLLE pouches over a MOLLE belt and PLCE yoke, a complete system!This webbing system is one of the most practical on the market today! All the pouches are MOLLE attached (modular) which means they can be rearranged to suit the operation you are on. ..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K1191
For quick and smooth operational support sometimes just the essentials are needed, this small pack can be just what you need when you have base to work with and just need the basics to get the job done.There is a adjustable shoulder strap to make it more comfortable with a built in wallet compar..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K1183
The Northern Ireland patrol pack: a  textbook design for patrolling. MTP compatible and compliant due to the Multicam material as well as being IRRComprises of one large main compartment, two large side pockets and two zipped pockets on the lid, one being a flat pocket and one a box pocket...
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K1188
The core requirement of the Infantry Bergen is that it can comfortably hold loads of kit and be able to carry it around comfortably, the basic idea for an Infantry soldier, is that you’ll live out of this huge rucksack on your back for extended more without re-supply (except water and ammunition). ..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K980
The British Army PLCE is the current tactical webbing system of the British Army, it comes as a 6 piece set!Like everything else which is made from MTP-compatible 1000 denier cordura water resistant material.Due to its extremely strong nature it will offer fantastic durability, uncompro..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: 983
A comfortable 170 gram 100% Cotton pre-shrunk t-shirt with seamless collar taped neck and shoulders, printed in MTP colourSpecificationsWide compatible all existing Crye Multicam equipment and clothing and other patterns including Multi Terrain Pattern, All Terrain Pattern, British Terrai..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K910
A waterproof cover to fit a large sized rucksack, will fit over a British Army issued bergen with side pouches, absolute must for unexpected showers and torrential downpours!This rucksack cover works like the conventional piece of kit which would make a Woodland DPM PLCE set bergen MTP covered b..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K972
This is the new Tactical Soft Shell Jacket which has been very well received by military personnel; If your looking for a lightweight versatile waterproof jacket with high wicking performance that can be worn on and of camp you have just found it, easily to personalize with the additional of a ..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K978
This is a great carrying capacity rucksack for operations over an extended period of time such as a few days such as patrols lasting a few days, long range reconnaissance recon, and also assault operations needing extra carrying capacity from food to water and also ammunition.This pack is MOLLE/..
Brand: British Terrain Pattern Model: K1211
An MTP-pattern compatible lightweight and easily compressed down lightweight sleeping bag complete with compression sackSpecificationsNylon shell cotton lining hollow fibre filling side zip and drawstring hood   With compression sack Size: 236 x 76 x 38cm..
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