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Check & Test Policy

From 1st July 2015 over time due to gathered customer feedback as well as to less chances of any customer "dis-satisfaction", we are Firestorm Kit are now implementing a "Check & Test" policy, where surplus items are checked for their any errors.

Take a Bergen for example which has come to disposals, what's the advantage of using an issued item over a 3rd party of similar design like from Web-Tex or Kombat? Well for a start it is guaranteed to meet military requirements as it tested, although as it acknowledged that surplus goods may not be fit for their original intended use, that is not to say that 3rd party items cannot affect out their desired role, it is to say that these issued items have already been rigorously tested to meet military requirements and are thus issued as the basis.

Depending on the item itself these will now be checked once again over, any replacements required like buckles etc will be replaced etc. to ensure they are usable on reception, this is new part policy, and hopefully one of many, which we will endeavour to bring into effect to ensure that you, our customers and end users, are being totally satisfied with your purchase and will seek to make us your first; and last choice for high quality military gear.

We advise customers to check and test all surplus received in any circumstances to ensure they are in working and serviceable condition either way as mistakes can be made and rectifying in the future beyond a reasonable amount of time could be difficult.

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