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Brand: NATO Model: CK310
This innovative pocket accessory from BCB features a useful clip on carabiner key-ring, a liquid compass and a thermometer (marked in Celsius and Fahrenheit).SpecificationsLiquid filled with luminous dial for easily reading at night. Metal case made with a Zinc alloy. An ideal surviva..
£4.99 £6.99
Brand: BCB Model: CK315
An extremely compact and accurate button compass, features a rotating bezel, metric and imperial scales and a clear acrylic base plate.SpecificationsNylon lanyard Oil filled and cushion mounted Luminous dial Weight: 8g (0.28oz) Size: 3 x 5cm (1 x 2”)..
£16.99 £24.99
Brand: BCB Model: CK602
A base plate compass, containing a magnifying glass, ruler and scales for 1:25000 and 1 mile to 1 inch.The liquid filled compass rotates within the base.Nylon lanyard includedStencil holes for adding map symbolsWeight: 53g (2oz)Size: 15.5 x 4 .5cm (6” x 2”)..
£12.99 £22.99
Brand: NATO Model: CK311
An exceptionally robust, oil filled, pressurised military approved compass which features in all of NATO issued survival kits.Designed for escape and evasion, an essential component during SERE, genuine NATO issue.Military approved with a MOD/NATO stock number, the Bushcraft Explorer Button ..
Brand: BCB Model: CK406
Mainly used by the infantry as a soldier’s or officer’s compass, the “full-sized” base plate compass for experienced navigators – used by NATO Forces around the world. Additional features include measuring scales for positioning (GPS), graduated in mils and degrees (64..
Brand: BCB Model: CK403
The original Silva Field has base plate map-measuring in mm and scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 compatible with most maps.The compass features DryFlex™ rubber bezel for improved comfort and grip, and a detachable safety-release lanyard—a reliable companion in all situations!Attachment Detach..
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