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First Aid Accessories

Brand: BCB Model: CS118
A more speciialied Multi-Bandage Dressing, contains a blood absorption pad as well as a built in torniquet, fixation device and can also be used with one hand. Life saving, for combat emergency cases, can be used by Armed Forces, Police, Medical personnel etcSpecificationsSterile Strong..
Brand: NATO Model: ADV025
Anti-Tick Kit has a specialist but very important use for people working or training in areas of the world which can be infested with ticks at certain times of the year.Contains the essentials for removing ticks, cleaning and dresing the wound.The crucial response to a tick bite is to e..
Brand: BCB Model: CS122
A Professional kit that helps save lives!  This should be in every first aid kit for use during CPR or just kept in your car, home, office or handbag.Lightweight & Portable for use during CPR Ideal for anyone who may need to carry out First Aid or CPR.What is CPR? (This information ..
Brand: NATO Model: CS47209
A complete kit for the immediate treatment and prevention of blisters; feet, hands or even sore bottoms, ideal for a team medic!An absolute essential for those attending the Combat Infantryman's Course whether Regular or Reserve, your feet are going to get smashed apart, this and a few extra pai..
Brand: BCB Model: CS019
A lightweight and compact carry sheet designed for emergency personnel evacuation, an ideal replacement for the standard hammock that may be used in an emergency by Infantry soldiers, ideal for carriage by the team medic.Can fit in a standard PLCE Utility or Waterbottle pouch.Specifications ..
Brand: BCB Model: CS702
A versatile and lightweight first aid kit. Compact and ideal for emergencies!Contents: Accident evaluation report, Large disposable gloves, Folding scissors, Waterproof sterile plasters, Anchor dressing, Antiseptic wipes, Safety pins, Conforming bandage, Paranet, Triangular bandage (non woven), ..
Brand: BCB Model: CS113
A useful DPM pouch with zip closure that when opened reveals a number of pouches.Contains a variety of first aid products suitable for the treatment of minor and major injuries.Size: Closed: 18 x 12 x 9 cm (7" x 4.7" x 3.5"),Open: 38 x 12 x 4.5 cm (15" x 4.7" x 1.7")ContentsTw..
Brand: BCB Model: RY273
Lightweight malleable and waterproof splint, versatile and flexible, used to immobilise and support broken or sprained limbs.Can be cut to required size and used for finger splints.SpecificationsRolled Size: 11cm x 8cm (4.5” x 3”) Length: 91cm (36”)..
NATO FFD First Field Dressing Bandage NATO FFD First Field Dressing Bandage
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Brand: MOD Model: PF116
General issue to British Forces and also used by NATO.Large dressings sealed in a robust flexible waterproof pouch maintaining sterility and shelf life.Can be folded in several different ways to give excellent compression to stop bleeding wounds including gunshotWeight: 60g (2.1 oz)S..
Brand: NATO Model: CS111
The Lifesaver #1 is a large pocket size kit for day trips, ideal for keeping in the field on day operations or for day trips and camping, trekking, included are instructions on use which are recommended to revise on purchase and receipt.15-Piece Kit.ContentsAntiseptic Wipes x 2 Adhe..
Brand: NATO Model: CS110
The Lifesaver #2 intermediate kit is for longer journeys and larger groups of people, this set is a good start for a basic expendition layout and a team medic on operations and can be further expanded with products from our range like our Anaconda splint, Heel Heal blister set, field dressings ..
Brand: NATO Model: CS115
The Lifesaver #3 advanced kit, which can be used as the basis for an expedition medical kit, this kit is ideal for a highly trained medic or as the basis for a field pack for a group of trekkers, it can be further expanded with components from our other NATO approved products like field dressings, s..
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