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Lightsticks & Torches

Brand: NATO Model: CE570
Our lightsticks come in pairs and are excellent for map reading and in emergencies and come in 3 flavours; Red, Green OR White.They are used to mark positions in a harbour area during the night were light visibility is extremely low (A patrol harbour is a position established to provide security..
Brand: BCB Model: CE014
This small key-ring size LED will give a continuous light for 10 hours if required, or signalling ability to over a mile.This mini torch packs a superbright light custom made with single 22,000 mcd LED! Simply hold to activate the light.There's even a switch which allows the light to stay on..
Brand: Kombat Model: K683
Head lamp with red filter.Batteries included.Clam packed..
Brand: Viper Model: VTORMOL
Strong and lightweight Aluminium body this tactical MOLLE Torch fits perfectly to webbing thanks to it unique and compact design making it ideal for a wide range of uses.FeaturesLightweight aluminium construction; only 50 grams weight including battery Compact for ease of storage/ ..
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