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Survival Kits

A range of kits varying in price for outdoor ethusiasts right through to seasoned soldiers and special forces

Brand: NATO Model: CP670
Emergency rations are often carried by soldiers especially frontline Infantry or Special Forces during exercises and operational use for those unforeseen circumstances when the Bergen may have to be ditched and all you can rely on is what is in your belt order or on yourself, these food are usually ..
Brand: NATO Model: MM213
A genuine NATO survival fishing kit, fishing can provide a plentiful source of nutrious food with a balance of protein etc and supplement emergency rations!Small, lightweight, compact. Instructions included - recommend some practice before you get into an emergency however!ContentsLi..
Brand: BCB Model: CN550
A super lightweight, airtight aluminum tin with locking roller clasps.It features a rubber seal within the lid, and is useful as a storage tin for personal survival equipment, and also for boiling water as a messtinSize: 13 x 9.5 x 3cm (5”x 3.5”x1”)..
Brand: NATO Model: CK528
A compact, pocket sized survival kit with all the bare necessities.Ideal for those who only need the bare minimum or are really that much tight for spare or concealable!Contents: Button compass, Distress whistle, Matches, Fishing kit, Safety pins, Multi-purpose cord, Plasters, Purification t..
Brand: NATO Model: CK015
Standard issue survival kits issued to the British Armed, Royal Marines, RAF and Navy, all you need to survive in a survival situation, packed in a waterproof container.Standard issue survival kits issued to the British Armed Forces SFSG (Special Forces Support Group) as well as NATO forces, and..
Brand: NATO Model: CK014
Ideal for storage in a compact area for those who may find themselves seperated from their main equipment or needing something a little more specialist, like Special Forces, Snipers, Commandos, SAS, Paras especially.A convenient belt pouch consisting of 2 clear compartments filled with essential..
Brand: BCB Model: CK1224
This survival system is supplied in a Woodland belt pouch. Ideal for Webbing Kits or stored in your smock pocket!Ideal for Commando qualified personnel, Snipers, SAS, SFSG, QRF, SAS, Para qualified etcNice and compact, and easy to use!Contents: Button compass, Blade, Matches x10, Wa..
NATO Military Survival Kit NATO Military Survival Kit
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Brand: NATO Model: CK019
Standard issue to British Armed Forces Specialist Units including Snipers, Recce Units, Royal Marines Commandos and Commando Units, same size as Combat version yet packing more to give more! Also issue to other NATO units, manufactured in the UK by BCB.An upgraded vacuum-packed version..
Brand: NATO Model: CK004A
Packed into our lightweight mini mess tin with a rubber waterproof seal and roll over clasps for even tighter compressionThe mini-mess tin can also be purchased seperately and is commonly used to boil water.These are the ultimate survival kits for those who want everything needed to match up..
Brand: NATO Model: CK420
Successfully used in the Gulf and standard issue inside Royal Air Force ejection seats. This high specification kit is vacuum sealed in olive foil packets and contained in a flexible olive bag. Contains more than just survival kit compnents, also contains enough to survive, ideal for CSAR teams too ..
Brand: NATO Model: CK028
One of BCB's most recent developments, the BCB SF Survival Kit, was designed for use by Special and Rapid Reaction Forces.To meet their demanding requirements, BCB designed the Special Forces Survival Kit to include a robust selection of high quality components, sealed within the ultimate weathe..
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