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Multi-Terrain Pattern aka MTP is the current issue camouflage pattern on issue to all UK Armed Forces and was based on Crye Multicam, it has now subsequently replaced the Woodland and Desert DPM in all UK forces as well as sponsored and affiliated cadet and military sub-units.

Brand: Camelbak Model: CAMELBAK-MTP
PLCE compatible and can also be worn standalone using the rucksack style straps as shown, can be clipped onto the side of any PLCE bergen using the Nexus clips. One of the most common conditions that people incur is dehydration due to a lack of water, even a minor level of dehydration can leave you ..
Limited quantity of MTP Multicam compliant VIRTUS 90 litre rucksack, as issued to the UK military as a replacement for the classic PLCE pack, this is now the next generation kit as released as part of the Virtus program which is a substantial improvement over the previously general issued PLCE and e..
The original and best issued Genuine British Army MTP 120 Litre BergenThe core requirement of the Infantry Bergen is that it can comfortably hold loads of kit and be able to carry it around comfortably, the basic idea for an Infantry soldier, is that you’ll live out of this huge rucksack on your..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-SCRIM
Scrap fabric pieces ideal for scrim on helmets, made up of scrim and mainly a feature for frontline troopers etc and an excellent addition to personal camouflage where used.PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT PRECUT PIECES BUT A LARGE PIECE OF FABRIC IDEAL FOR DOING EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH AND BRAND NEW CON..
5 x NEW British Army Wicking T-Shirt Olive Sage Green Dry Fit 5 x NEW British Army Wicking T-Shirt Olive Sage Green Dry Fit
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Integrated into Personal Clothing System as a starter base layer for high-performance material, moisture-wicking and breathability as well as flame-resistantBRAND NEW IN PACKET!!!Latest styles and colours now in stock! Size Height/Chest Small 160 cm/ 80 cm ..
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Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: CBA-COMBAT-BODY-ARMOUR-VEST-COVER-MTP
These are the general issue Kevlar flak vest covers used by the British Army to provide protection on operations whether combat, war time, range work, exercise, training or peace keeping, they are usually filled with a KR1 fragmentation filler and protection for the vital areas with solid Level 4 ha..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-GRABBAG
Genuine MTP Grab bag with large internal pocket for linked ammunition and other large objects and external pockets for grenades and magazines,can also be used as a magazine dump bag using the top slit, and also has a slit on top for use as as a dump bag for expended magazines.These bags fill a d..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-GORETEX-HEAVY-TROUSERS
These are British Army MTP Waterproof MVP Trousers and form part of the new British Army Personal Clothing System, currently issued to British forces in the new MTP Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage pattern.The current issue British Forces heavy waterproof system is constructed from Gore-Tex MVP ..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-OSPREY-MK4
This is the British Army MTP Osprey Mk4 in its latest revision; it is an all constructed 1000 Denier Cordura in MTP aka Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage, with 25mm narrow webbing for mounting MOLLE pouches.The Mk4 vest acts the base carrier for the soft Kevlar filler which can be added as well t..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-PCS-SHIRT
This is the combat ready PCS pattern which has features specifically developed for wear with combat armour and equipment.Please note our MTP PCS tops come with the blanking panels/patches as standard, on left arm featuring a UK flag and right arm blank for sewing in TRF'sThese shirts greatly..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-TROUSERS-PCS
The latest issue PCS Combat Trousers, similar to the 5 pocket 95' pattern but with improvements, the map pockets on the trousers have now become angled approximate 45 degrees and the buttons are concealed up a further flap to prevent snagging, the waist draw cord was removed, a zippable pocket was a..
British Army MTP Blanking Panel Patches Pair British Army MTP Blanking Panel Patches Pair
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Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-BLANKINGPLATES
MTP blanking patches for PCS uniform, attaches onto issued shirt, under body armour shirt and smock jacket. For sewing in badges securely.Current MTP blanking patches for MTP PCS uniform: these can be bought as 2 plain MTP patch or one patch plain and the other with a British TRF as shown.Th..
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