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MTP Pilgrim Webbing

Pilgrim webbing sets are hand made in the UK using the highest quality materials and made of genuine Crye Multicam material which was the basis of the British Multi Terrain Pattern. The material itself is both hardwearing and IRR (Infra-Red Reflective) like all Pilgrim products. Each set comes with a lifetime guarentee from the manufacturer.

Brand: Spartan Manufacturing Model: SPARTAN-AIRBORNE-WEBBING-MTP
Built to by an MOD approved manufacturer to military specifications, our webbing is manufactured from 100% genuine MTP compliant fabric and is IRR coated to reduce your infra-red signature as well as having a Durable Water Repellent finish (waterproofing), along with this each pouch is PVC lined to ..
£89.99 £169.99
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