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MTP PCS Uniform

The Personal CThe entire range of MTP clothing as used by forces of the UK Armed Forces is listed here, all genuine and standard issue, and at the best prices, it includes shirts, jackets, smocks, trousers, t-shirts, helmet covers, boots etc

Integrated into Personal Clothing System as a starter base layer for high-performance material, moisture-wicking and breathability as well as flame-resistantBRAND NEW IN PACKET!!!Latest styles and colours now in stock! Size Height/Chest Small 160 cm/ 80 cm ..
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British Army MTP Blanking Panel Patches Pair British Army MTP Blanking Panel Patches Pair
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Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-BLANKINGPLATES
MTP blanking patches for PCS uniform, attaches onto issued shirt, under body armour shirt and smock jacket. For sewing in badges securely.Current MTP blanking patches for MTP PCS uniform: these can be bought as 2 plain MTP patch or one patch plain and the other with a British TRF as shown.Th..
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Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: JACKET-MTP-GORETEX-LIGHT
A lighter and more compact alternative to the main heavyweight MTP Gore-Tex Jacket.This is the current issue lightweight British Army "Foul Weather" MTP MVP/Gore-Tex jacket, this jacket has a number of advantages over the heavier version which we will highlightThe jacket is a lot lighter,..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-GORETEX-JACKET-HEAVY
These are British Army MTP Waterproof MVP Goretex Smock Jackets and form part of the new British Army Personal Clothing System, currently issued to British forces in the new MTP Multi Terrain Pattern camouflage pattern.The current issue British Forces waterproof jacket is constructed from Gore-T..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-PCS-SHIRT
This is the combat ready PCS pattern which has features specifically developed for wear with combat armour and equipment.Please note our MTP PCS tops come with the blanking panels/patches as standard, on left arm featuring a UK flag and right arm blank for sewing in TRF'sThese shirts greatly..
The latest issue revision of the British Forces issue PCS MTP Smock, with 4 exterior pockets, 2 interior, front rank slide and 2 arm pockets with detachable Velcro on patches which come off to attach exterior TRF's with Velcro on.All smocks come with MTP PCS panels includedThis piece of kit ..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-TROUSERS-PCS
The latest issue PCS Combat Trousers, similar to the 5 pocket 95' pattern but with improvements, the map pockets on the trousers have now become angled approximate 45 degrees and the buttons are concealed up a further flap to prevent snagging, the waist draw cord was removed, a zippable pocket was a..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-PCS-BUFFALO-OG
The latest British Army PCS Lightweight Thermal Smock replaces the traditional reversible softie which has already seen much extensive use in the operational theatre of Afghanistan, featuring a range of innovative features over the reversible 2-colour softie.The lightweight thermal smock is desi..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-UBACS
British Army MTP PCS UBACS Combat Shirts as issued to British Forces in MTP with a cool-max wicking base layer, also as a base layer for MTP Osprey Vests.MTP BLANKING PATCHES ARE INCLUDED with one patch having union jack and one plain."Shirt, Combat, Hot Weather, Under Body Armour Combat Sh..
Brand: Multi Terrain Pattern Model: MTP-SHORTS
Current issue MTP Combat Shorts, as issued to British Forces in Multi Terrain PatternBrand new condition or super gradeEspecially useful for hot climatesSpecificationsMulti Terrain Pattern IRR Zip fly 5 Pockets; 1 rear, 2 waist, 2 leg..
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British Army MTP Para smocks, with jump flap,knitted cuffs, FFD pouch, pen pocket, concealment pockets, press stud fittings etcThe smocks generally differ to the general issue MTP PCS smocks, featuring additional extras like stand-up collar, same jump flap and press stud pocket, very exclusive a..
British Army MTP Sniper Jacket Smock British Army MTP Sniper Jacket Smock
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MTP Sniper smocks, as issued to British Forces snipers, genuine issueJump flap, foliage loops, metal clips for aiming, knitted cuffs, padded elbows etcAs used by members of Infantry regiments whom  have complete the arduous sniper course which is an intensive crash course in marksmanshi..
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