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Riot Shield

A wide arrange of general use riot shields from compact round shields through to taller options which can interlock together for effective crowd control, use these for protection against thrown projectiles whilst being able to view your opponent!

Transparent Interlocking Riot Shield - LONG - 1200mm x 500mm Transparent Interlocking Riot Shield - LONG - 1200mm x 500mm
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Model: AS003
The interlocking feature of the shield is one of the many reasons why they are popular the world over with the design having seen extensive use first in Northern Ireland during “Op Banner” and now recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.Based on the Ancient Roman design, the interlocking allows the use..
Brand: MOD Model: AS001
This tactical medium sized shield configuration maximises safety and personal protection  in static and mobile situations as a lightweight multipurpose shield for designed for a wide range of hostile situations including crowd control, street tactics, barrier intervention, and offers the b..
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