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British Army Bivi Sleeping Bag Breathable Cover - Woodland DPM

British Army Bivi Sleeping Bag Breathable Cover - Woodland DPM
British Army Bivi Sleeping Bag Breathable Cover - Woodland DPM

Woodland DPM Bivi Bag is a massive Bivi bag Goretex/MVP Sleeping Bag Cover which is large enough to fit a soldier and his gear inside.

The pattern is the Woodland DPM issue as issued to replace by MTP, still suitable for use in Woodland and temperate environments.

100% waterproof breathable windproof, made from Goretex/Moisture Vapour Permeable material adds extra season to rating of sleeping bag as well.

Why use a bivi bag?

A bivvy bag is like a waterproof jacket for your sleeping bag. It’s a thin, waterproof bag. You use it over the top of your sleeping bag.

  • A bivvy bag is cheaper than a tent.
  • It’s a lot smaller than a tent.
  • It’s very discreet and allows you to sleep on tiny patches of flat ground.
  • You are not cocooned from the environment as you are in a tent. In a tent you are basically in a rubbish version of indoors. In a bivvy bag you really are outside. You
  • feel the breeze on your face, look up at the stars before you sleep and sit up to a brilliant view in the morning.
  • It feels more exciting and more wild than a tent.

How do I use a bivvy bag?

  • Just slip it over your sleeping bag. If I am organised I do this before leaving home rather than doing it later in the dark and pouring rain.
  • Pull it up over your head when you sleep. Just leave a small gap for your mouth to breathe out of in order to minimise the condensation.
  • I tend to leave my sleeping mat on the outside. If the weather is foul or if you have a large bivvy bag you can experiment with putting it inside the bivvy bag.
  • Remember to take a large waterproof bag (eg bin bag) to put your other stuff into at night. I tend to use my boots and rucksac as a pillow.
  • A bivvy bag is colder than a tent so make sure to take warm clothes.

If you are confident that the weather is going to be warm and dry then you don’t need one at all.

If you are in the UK there is usually a risk of rain.

Woodland DPM Bivi Bag Specifications

  • Packs away well
  • 100% Genuine British Army
  • A must have item for outdoor sleeping
  • No zippers to fail or let water in!
  • Size: 2.2m X 117cm

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