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MTP Minimi LMG Webbing

MTP Minimi LMG Webbing
MTP Minimi LMG Webbing
MTP Minimi LMG Webbing
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MTP Minimi LMG Webbing
MTP Minimi LMG Webbing
MTP Minimi LMG Webbing
MTP Minimi LMG Webbing

LMG Minimi Webbing with padded airflow system, facilitated with capacity to carry boxed LMG ammunition and extra, with roll pin buckle system!

Our classic designed webbing; pouched stiched onto an airflow mesh base which increases breathability with the advantages at the same time as a metal quick release roll-pin buckle, and also the capability to mount a MOLLE bayonet (sold instore seperately), or additonal MOLLE pouches, made of genuine IRR MTP fabric which is both 1000 Denier Cordura and IRR aka Infra-Red Resistant.

So why do we have this? Because it's not just a cracking piece of kit, it's economically priced and great value!

Please note we supply these with a Multicam PLCE yoke (not shown)

The set itself has the capability to take the boxed sets used in the British Army by the LMG gunners of an Infantry platoon and to carry it comfortably where the traditional design will not do!

Whats the advantage of these sets over all the other cheap crap flooding the market on eBay for a similar price?

Everything: These sets are manufactured by a UK supplier and made with genuine MTP material using the same rot-proof 1000 denier cordura as used as a standardized material, it's Infra-Red Resistant, it's MTP thus immediately compliant with all the kid on issue, it's ultra comfortable, it has some neat extra, it's quality made, theres nothing not to like about it! Think about it, seriously, do you really want some inferior alternative for the same price? As a former Infantry soldier I know I wouldn't.

The set itself can take a bayonet frog and you can have it comfortably mounted inbetween your left ammo pouch and the corresponding Utility pouch as shown!

The pouches are directly stitched onto an airflow spacer fabric system: pouches are directly stitched onto the fabric which is further padded with high density foam to protect the wearer against pouch rub and body armour rub on waist and hips when loaded down with ammunition.

The Ventilated mesh back services to increase air flow to contact area, thus making the system more comfortable to wear over long periods by releasing excessive moisture and allowing it to breath, this kind of system is already in use with our Para Bergen’s and Field Pack Air Support Bergen

It’s the ultimate option for those looking for a nice and sturdy, comfortable set up, made of genuine MTP 1000D Cordura, UK made with no need to worry about issues of poor workmanship such as poor mass production examples from China, IRR reflectivity and also has additional extras with the mounting of a bayonet and para-design ammo closure of Velcro and press stud rather than the current issue Citex buckle.

The ammunition pouches are of the popular para design with Velcro-closure and press stud fastening rather than the standard issue Citex buckles, allowing rapid and secure closure of the important pouches which contain your ammunition and grenades.

There are MOLLE loops on the left ammo pouch for attaching a bayonet frog where this Infantry weapon is typically stored when needed for close encounters

The belt design has also done away with the typical ITW Nexus clip-on buckle, featuring a quick release roll-bin buckle which is just as secure and also can be released with one hand and is virtually indestructible due to being hard wearing, no worries about it cracking in the hot or cold!

This has always been the original and best tailored MTP webbing, popular with the Parachute Regiment and British troops.

Special Forces Airborne Webbing Specifications

  • Fully padded and articulated system
  • Pouches mounted on Airflow spacer fabric for maximum comfort and breathability to contact area, (as used in the latest Issue Bergen back system)
  • 1 Minimi ammo pouches with Velcro & press stud closing
  • 1 Double ammo pouches with Velcro & press stud closing
  • 3 Utility pouches with s/r buckles (regular 30" plus)
  • 2 small utility pouches
  • Bayonet loops (MOLLE)
  • Standard 6-point yoke attachment
  • Roll pin buckle
  • Made from 1000d MTP fabric
  • Colour - MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern)
ColourMulti Terrain Pattern
IRR aka Infra Red Reflective?

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  • Model: MAR-WB08R
  • Weight: 2.50kg
  • Dimensions: 60.00cm x 25.00cm x 10.00cm
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