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All Arms Commando Course Dagger Badge - Sew On - Olive Green

All Arms Commando Course Dagger Badge - Sew On - Olive Green
All Arms Commando Course Dagger Badge - Sew On - Olive Green
All Arms Commando Course Dagger Badge - Sew On - Olive Green
All Arms Commando Course Dagger Badge - Sew On - Olive Green
All Arms Commando Course Dagger Badge - Sew On - Olive Green

Commando qualification badge of the British Armed Forces, universal, red embroidery on black style.

This is a sew-on badge for MTP uniform.

Not to be confused with the brigade TRF of 3 Commando Brigade

History of the "Commando Dagger

The All Arms Commando Course lasts for 8 weeks and is run by the Royal Marines at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone, members from any of the United Kingdom's Regular Armed Forces (e.g. personnel from units attached to the Marines) and overseas exchange personnel can attend in order to serve with 3 Commando Brigade.

On completion of the course the successful candidate earns the right to wear the Green Beret, and to wear the "Commando Dagger" on their uniform.

Following a 5 week pre-course period, which brings soldiers from a broad range of backgrounds up to a common standard of basic skills, the course focuses on core military skills, including patrolling, defence and section and troop level attacks.

The AACC is for trained military ranks only and is not open to new recruits into the armed forces.

The course then covers the following Commando skills: amphibious assault drills, cliff assault drills, helicopter drills and small-unit tactics. The course concludes with a week-long confirmatory test exercise followed by Test Week.

Further specifications of the All Arms Commando Course

The aim of the AACC is to prepare RN, Army and RAF personnel for service with 3 Cdo Bde RM by developing the temperament, mental resolve, physical robustness and core military skills necessary in the demanding environment of expeditionary and littoral operations.

The AACC is the only recognised route for regular members of the Armed Forces outside of the RM to become commando trained. There are 3 courses a year.

It is a mandatory requirement for all personnel to pass a Pre Commando Course (PCC) prior to attendance at the AACC. The PCC will run in the 2 weeks preceding the AACC and is designed to ensure that all students are at an adequate standard of fitness and preparedness prior to commencing the challenging AACC. Candidates are to ensure that they are competent in basic map reading, navigation and first aid. In particular students must be fully familiar with the prevention and first aid treatment of climatic (heat and cold) injuries. Candidates should also be proficient in the operation of PRC 354 and PRC 355 Bowman man-pack radios.

The seven week AACC is carried out under the auspices of Commando Training Wing (CTW) and is conducted in 2 phases. Phase 1 of the AACC (Weeks 1-4) is an Infantry Skills phase and contains the bulk of the military skills and fitness training in preparation for Phase 2 in Weeks 5-7. Phase 2 incorporates amphibious, vertical assault and helicopter training, culminating with a Final Exercise and Commando Tests.

  • a. Royal Marines Basic Fitness Test. Wearing boots, CS95 trousers and a green t-shirt, all age groups must complete, in quick succession without rest; five (overhand grip) pull-ups (chin to a horizontal bar), 50 sit-ups (knees bent / ankles held) in 2 minutes and a 1.5 mile run in 15 minutes as part of a squad immediately followed by an 1.5 mile individual run in under 11.5 minutes (all on road).
  • b. Weapon Handling Tests - 5.56mm Rifle A2. Passing in accordance with the Army Operational Shooting Manual.
  • c. Royal Marines Battle Swimming Test. The candidate wears CS95 trousers and shirt, webbing (6lbs) and SA80 Rifle. The student jumps into the pool from a height of 3 metres & swims 40 metres, the student then releases his/her equipment & passes it to the side of the pool, without touching the sides. The student then remains afloat for the remainder of the 3 minutes from time of entering the pool.
  • d. Multi Stage Fitness (Bleep) Test. The National Coaching Foundation Progressive Shuttle Run Test for the prediction of maximum oxygen uptake is a shuttle run at increasing speed, dictated by a bleep signal. Wearing training shoes, PT t-shirt and shorts all age groups must achieve Level 11.
  • e. Combat Fitness Test. This is an eight mile (12.8 km) march carrying 25kg (not including weapon) in minimum time of 1hr 55mins; maximum time is not to exceed 2 hrs.
  • f. 30ft Rope Climb. All age groups must be able to climb a 30ft rope in boots with PLCE weighing 15lbs/7kg and carrying a SA80 rifle. The ‘Scissor’ method is the only method accepted when rope climbing at CTCRM.

Success on the course entitles the student to wear the Commando Green Beret and Cdo Dagger flash, and to serve within 3 Cdo Bde RM and other RM units.

No more than 3 attempts will be allowed to pass this demanding course

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