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Mil-Tec Shemagh - Olive Green

Mil-Tec Shemagh - Olive Green
Mil-Tec Shemagh - Olive Green

The traditional Shemagh scarf, which has, surprisingly enough, found its way to western military use. Many colours available.

The shemagh scarf, also known as keffiyeh, ghutra and hatta, is traditional arabic headwear. For quite some time these "palestinian scarves" have been popular even among common folks and not just activists of some sort.

As so often with fashion, armed forces have been the forerunners who realized the practical and fashionable value of this item. The British men at arms have been using these for over 70 years and in the Gulf War was introduced to American forces as well.

A shemagh is a warm and comfy scarf when worn around the neck, but can be tied to cover the entire head leaving just a slit for the eyes to protect the wearer from elements.

Size: 110 x 110 cm. The shemagh is usually utilized folded as a triangle (ie. in half). Then it can be wrapped around the head leaving parts exposed if needed. Here is an illustrated guide on how to wrap the shemagh the "proper" way. Bandanas and capes aside, this can be used as a makeshift bag or a bandage - just use your imagination.

Factory new, 100% cotton. Made in India. Washing: Wash the shemagh separately. because the colors can bleed and stain other laundry. Colors can also start to fade when you wash the scarf. Machine wash at 30°C. (86°F) However, we recommend hand washing.


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