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All UK based orders over £100 are currently free P&P with express shipping

Please contact us via e-mail regarding larger quantity orders for discounts and revised shipping quotes.

We will endeavour to get your order sent out as soon as possible.

It is important to note that sometimes the P&P paid for International Orders may be a little higher than expected and quoted as the shipping costs are only estimated, we reserve the right to contact the customer and request a payment through an invoice, we will never seek to ask for more than is necessary.

We will always try and ensure you get a tracking number as applicable to follow relevant progress.


Please note by their nature some items on this website whether surplus, used or brand new by their nature may be restricted in other countries, we by law have to truthfully declare the contents correctly or risk being penalised by our carrier, in the event of ANY parcels being confiscated in transit whether at the point of export or import you agree to indemnify Firestorm Kit from any liability and it is your responsibility for providing all nessacary clearance documents if required in a timely fashion.

There will be no refund on carriage where a customer has failed to properly research the legality of such items and whether they are legally importable etc

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