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British Army NATO Black Deployment Bag NEW British Army NATO Black Deployment Bag NEW
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The Black Deployment bags as used by the British Armed Forces, known as the "Operational Travel Bag" or the Black Bag. Ideal for travel use, camping, holdall, gymbag etcLATEST ISSUED VERSION PICTURED ETC POSSESSING RUCKSACK STYLE STRAPS AND HOLDALL GRIPS AS WELL AS CONCEALABLE NAME TAG COMPARTME..
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British Army style Operations Vest in MTP, exact style as used as used on operations as occurred in Afghan, Iraq, Bosnia etc Always proven a popular alternative to the issued PLCE Soldier 95 style webbing and very popular for use with mechanized infantry or used on FIBUA or CQB Close Quarter Fightin..
Brand: Spartan Manufacturing Model: SPARTAN-AIRBORNE-WEBBING-MTP
Built to by an MOD approved manufacturer to military specifications, our webbing is manufactured from 100% genuine MTP compliant fabric and is IRR coated to reduce your infra-red signature as well as having a Durable Water Repellent finish (waterproofing), along with this each pouch is PVC lined to ..
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Pilgrim Pathfinder Bergen Rucksack - MTP Pilgrim Pathfinder Bergen Rucksack - MTP
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Brand: Spartan Manufacturing Model: PG-03-0200-01
There’s a lot of reasons why the average Joe soldier might get tired of the standard issue PLCE Bergen or even the more recently issued Virtus 90 pack, the answer is usually to send your rucksack off to be modded at places like Dixies Corner, Dragon Supplies, Jay Jay’s etc and there are a number of ..
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